HIOS Inc. is a specialized manufacturer of screw tightening founded in1967.  We propose solutions to the demand for production automation in recent years with the aim of improving production process efficiency of products that often use cross screws and Torx screws. In particular, the retention of screws due to magnetization, which is common in the automated process of screw tightening, is necessary to consider the influence of magnetic fields on components when used near precision parts. on the other hand, Hios screws do not require magnetization for holding and is more versatile than magnetization method. In addition, we have products that expand the possibility of production efficiency, such as suppressing “shaking” of screws and “diagonal tightening” caused by it the automation of screw tightening, and making it possible to automate screw tightening in landscape orientation. From the viewpoint of reducing downtime due to screw tightening with patented Hios screws and screwdrivers, we offer optimal solutions to reduce so-called “invisible costs” and improve production efficiency and capacity.